Ground source heat pumps

A ground source heat pump works by extracting heat from the ground. This thermal energy is then used to heat your home and provide hot water. As the sun heats up the earth, solar energy is stored in the ground.

A ground source heat pump can utilize the renewable solar energy stored in soil, bedrock, or even a body of water. A ground source heating system will typically reduce a property’s heating costs by 65–75 per cent. You’ll receive a more accurate savings assessment once the required heat pump capacity has been determined.

Getting a ground source heat pump from Oilon is easy. Our experienced representatives will help make the process go as smoothly as possible. Oilon offers ground source heat pumps for every need. We have the most extensive offering in the market, with options spanning from single-family systems to heating and cooling solutions used in large industrial sites. Oilon Group’s product portfolio also includes Lämpöässä heat pumps.

Oilon and Lämpöässä ground source heat pumps are designed and made in Finland. Our selection is available through a network of authorized dealers, each trained by Oilon. This ensures the best possible result.

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