• 4 pcs Oilon burners

Constructed with a facade manifesting the northern landscape, the business center will include a tower section resembling an ice ridge. At 462 meters, the building will be Europe’s tallest. In addition to accommodating the company’s headquarters, the Lakhta Center will, among other facilities, house congress halls, shops, restaurants and activities related to art, science and education, such as a planetarium and various showrooms. The center and its domestic water are heated by four Oilon manufactured burners and their control cabinets.

Oilon’s reseller Riico was responsible for selling the burners, and the installation was done by Progress Company.

On top of the architectural splendor, the Lakhta Center project also invests in smoothly flowing public transportation, ecologicality and cutting edge technology. Some examples of the latter are the 34 extra fast elevators, modern ventilation and fire protection equipment, and new methods for noise reduction in the shopping center.

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